Business Term Loans

A Business Term Loan is a customised loan for a fixed term and is repaid over a period of up to five years with predetermined monthly or quarterly installments.

What does it offer you:

  • Financing of long-term fixed assets and business growth
  • No need to take money out of your business for long-term investments
  • For monthly repayment, we offer equal monthly instalments to make it easier to plan effectively
  • No minimum or maximum loan amount
  • Loan term of up to five years.


What youd need to apply:

  • Business registration documents
  • Six months’ statements from another bank
  • Three years’ financial statements and cash flows
  • Accepted collateral includes, but is not limited to, landed property, cash or investments (Treasury Bills) and Bank Guarantee from a reputable bank
  • Favourable credit bureau report
  • You may need to meet other conditions or give us more documents subject to specific borrower conditions.



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