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Trade Finance

We offer  letters of credit, payments under open accounts, advance payments, documentary collections, all types of bonds and guarantees as well as import finance. Our import finance proposition includes structured trade finance, where we can offer import loans against goods imported

Our Trade Finance Solutions
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Solutions for Importers

There are numerous reasons why you should use our import finance to grow your business. You can transact on our user-friendly Business Online platform, get a pre-approved Working Capital Facility and enjoy stress-free Foreign Exchange Telegraphic Transfers. We also issue Red Clause (advanced payment) Letter of Credit, offer Documentary Inwards Collections Import Financing, Transit Insurance, Vehicle & Asset Finance and Cash Management Facility.

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Solutions for Exporters

We bring a unique revolution to export financing and guarantee you more benefits to reap from. From access to our Business Online platform to International Debit Card Foreign Exchange Conversion Facility, Pre-shipment Financing, Letter of Credit, Marine Cargo Insurance, Transit Insurance, Documentary Outward Collections, and Global Market Research & Advisory services, we help you get a stable footing on what you do and grow your business to unbelievable heights.

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Solutions for Distributors and Suppliers

Stanbic Bank remains the bank of choice for distributors/suppliers seeking to expand their existing financial capabilities. You benefit from a line of credit to replenish your inventory, transact on our Business Online platform and a wide range of Payment & Collection Solutions to choose from. We offer Working Capital Lines, Receivable Discounting, Commercial Property Loans (CPL), Cash Management Facility, Business/ Transit Insurance as well as Vehicle & Asset Finance.

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Solutions for Contractors

We understand your business; upfront labour and material costs that often need to be paid before you get paid for the job. At the same time, you have day-to-day business costs to meet during the delivery of a project. With our Bid Bonds, Business online platform, Performance Guarantee, Advance Payment Guarantee, Working capital financing, Facility Guarantee, Business Insurance, Transit Insurance, Vehicle & Asset Finance, you'll be able to take on more work with confidence, knowing you have reliable funding and support in place.