Stanbic Bank refurbishes Poultry Farm for Dzorwulu Special School

12 Mar 2018

The Finance Unit of Stanbic Bank has refurbished an abandoned poultry farm at the Dzorwulu Special School as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility for the year. The project, which is estimated to cost GHS 32,000 covers some carpentry, electrical and masonry work to be done on the farm.

The poultry farm which used to provide food and served as a platform for teaching relevant farming skills to students had been abandoned due to the lack of funds. Staff of the Finance Unit of Stanbic Bank upon learning about the state of the poultry farm decided to revamp the structure. As part of the package, the farm will be supplied with 200 chicks, feed and other essentials for efficient running.

The intervention is the latest project that the Bank has embarked on in the school over the past three years. A complete re-wiring of the entire school was done only last month. The school’s Sewing and Hairdressing Centre was also equipped last year.

The headmistress of the school, Mrs. Veronica Sackey, expressed gratitude to Stanbic Bank for the fruitful relationship and benefits that the school has been enjoying from the Bank. She was very excited about the refurbishment because of the benefits that would be derived from the now functioning poultry farm.

 “We’re so grateful to Stanbic for providing this facility. This is because the poultry farm, apart from providing food for the school, also serves as a learning project for the students since the students are able to acquire some skills which further enables them to be independent. It allows them to possess skills which are relevant to the society”, she said.

Head of the Finance Department, Kunle Adedeji said “Stanbic Bank is committed to giving back to society and for this reason we have adopted the Dzorwulu Special School. It’s been three years since we started coming here. From the first year, we realized that there were a couple of areas that the school needed support in. Today is a continuation of what we started back then. It is our hope that with this refurbishment, will have access to own source of protein and that if there are any surpluses those can be sold for some extra income”

Stanbic Bank Ghana has over the years shown its commitment to supporting community initiatives that enhance the quality of citizens across the country.


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