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We connect you to seamless Africa China trade

Looking for an unrivalled competitive advantage when trading with China as an African business, or with Africa as a Chinese business? We have formed a formidable partnership with the world’s biggest bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), to link you to export and import opportunities offered by the African and Chinese economies.

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Cut through the complexities of importing with our trusted partners

We’re here to help you connect to Chinese Suppliers and Manufacturers, making the import process simpler.
We recognise what matters to you and we make it happen.

Ready to take the next step?

Let Stanbic Bank connect you to Africa-China growth opportunities!

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Commercial Bank Account

We deliver an end to end holistic offering/solutions through thorough understanding of your business underpinned by a strong relationship team and product & services specialist support respectively. Our Transactional account gives you access to a wide range of banking services and value added features. 

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Enterprise Bank Account

Stanbic Bank Enterprise Banking, specifically designed for SMEs, is your business financial partner in every new step on your business journey to success.

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eCommerce and Merchant Solutions

Our merchant solutions have been designed to keep pace with your changing business needs. We have the right customer payment solution to help you re-imagine it. Get cashless payments with our POS devices and online payment solutions.

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FOREX Forward Contracts

We offer Forward Contracts on the major trading currencies to enable you to hedge your risk against any unfavourable foreign exchange movements. Forward Contracts are suitable for importers who may have future foreign currency obligations or exporters who may have future foreign currency receipts.

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Solutions for Importers

There are numerous reasons why you should use our import finance to grow your business. You can transact on our user-friendly Business Online platform, get a pre-approved Working Capital Facility and enjoy stress-free Foreign Exchange Telegraphic Transfers. We also issue Red Clause (advanced payment) Letter of Credit, offer Documentary Inwards Collections Import Financing, Transit Insurance, Vehicle & Asset Finance and Cash Management Facility.

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Solutions for Exporters

We bring a unique revolution to export financing and guarantee you more benefits to reap from. From access to our Business Online platform to International Debit Card Foreign Exchange Conversion Facility, Pre-shipment Financing, Letter of Credit, Marine Cargo Insurance, Transit Insurance, Documentary Outward Collections, and Global Market Research & Advisory services, we help you get a stable footing on what you do and grow your business to unbelievable heights.

Agricultural Production Loan image
Agricultural Production Loan

Agricultural Production Loans are for farmers who need short-term credit to pay input costs

Business Overdraft image
Business Overdraft

As a short-term credit facility on your Business Current Account, your overdraft is a quick and convenient way to free up your cash flow.

Business term loan image
Business Term Loan

A Business Term Loan is a customised loan for a fixed term and is repaid over a period of up to five years with predetermined monthly or quarterly instalments.

Commercial property loan image
Commercial Property Loan

This is a medium to long-term loan used to buy property for rental. The product also allows for release of equity from existing completed commercial property. Commercial property includes offices, shopping centres, mixed use and industrial properties as well as residential properties that are leased to third parties.

Enterprise smart loan image
Enterprise Smart Loan

Enterprise Smart Loan provides short-term working capital support to small businesses with fast and repeat trade cycles with regular cash flows.

Invoice discounting image
Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting is a short-term working capital granted to finance debtors that allows you to improve your business’ cash flow.

Revolving short term loan image
Revolving Short Term Loan

A short-term loan used to finance short term working capital gaps for your business.

Vehicle and asset finance image
Vehicle and Asset Finance

Our Vehicle and Asset Finance unit offers financing under a finance lease to buy vehicles and other movable assets and equipment such as trucks, cars, buses, earthmoving equipment and generators.

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Business Fixed Deposit Investment Account

A business investment account with a fixed interest rate for the investment period selected.

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Business Savings Account

A Business Savings Account allows businesses to save surplus funds at competitive rates.

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